Tuesday, January 23, 2007

daily bubble is a week old today!

Celebrate! Blow off work and blow some bubbles. I did! You can too. You know you want to.

You'll see in this video that I've found another brand of bubble solution that I tried out. I actually found this bottle of bubbles with dust on it, stored away, forgotten. The horror!!! Don't ever let bubbles go to waste. Anyway, I got some very good results with this brand Mr. Bubbles (not to be confused with the bubble bath Mr. Bubble). Mr. Bubbles has a double wand! Double the fun. This bottle will last me awhile till I find more. Looking at the Mr. Bubbles website leads me to believe they have gallon sizes, but I can't find them anywhere online. Affordable bubbles for the masses, I say. If everyone blew bubbles, the country wouldn't be in such a sorry state.

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