Monday, January 22, 2007

city market bubbles

Outside of City Market in Burlington, on a chilly night, Michael blows bubbles. The guy at the bottle machine seems oblivious to the bubbles.

I experimented with various bubble solutions today and am sorry to say it mostly was a dismal failure. From research on the Internet, I tried various combinations of "Miracle" bubble solution, Karo syrup and dish soap. One solution worked really well in the kitchen, but was a bust (literally) outside. I've got to get some more Pustefix, as I'm running out. From what I can find, it's not available locally. One store I found it on online was last updated in 2004? Do I trust sending money there?? What I really want are little bottles that I can give to people. I saw them on the German Pustefix site, but alas they don't seem to be available in the United States.

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